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As the text on our coat of arms/badge of honour suggests, we are here to obtain wisdom. Our combined wisdom will cost you about 1000 sterling per annum.
If you decide to pay us in full early, do not expect a verbal, or written notification to show our gratitude for that money. You would be unwise to think that.
However, should you fall just a Month into arrears, we will not hesitate to start court proceedings. You are wise enough to know that you will incur charges.
You get many benefits from giving us that money. We turn off the street lights on most roads after Midnight in the local area. It saves us on electric.
We employ a few people to keep the streets clean, they sometimes do that. In truth, we should not have to clean up after you messy residents at all.
We take away your domestic waste once a week. Any household which leaves black bags on the street sooner than the Friday will get a warning letter!
We do so much more. You can attend one of our council/resident meetings. However, if you speak out, or disagree with us, you will be politely asked to leave!
We could type more words about benefits, but we are very busy collating, and extracting money from all our happy locals. Call us on 0116 2888961. Good Day.